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JF6D - 600 Composite Bag-making machine


Model Jf composite bag-making machine is developed by our national patents, it is the pioneer at home and abroad with our rotary and sliding core padding and magnetic suspension technology. It is a really a kind of New touchable panel and Programmable control,Variable frequency control,roll the core unit by rotation,weft forward and reverse continuous rotate without raphe,Magnetic suspension. New design, advanced progress, electromechanical machine, this production line can complete the entire process for shaping, gluing, compounding, printing, hole-pricking, folding and cutting. It is the best choice to replace plastic woven making machine and mult-layer paper bag-making machien in heavy packing sector. Up to now, our machine has been exported to Philippine, Indonesia, Australia, Belarus, Ethiopia, Ukraine and so on. Our machine is well-impressed to our customers. The following are the advantages of the machine.

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